they have broken the unions and silenced the left

because the left still loves the republican obama, because he is dark skinned and male.  A woman scared them too much.  she was too white.  race in america has layers and layers and layers.  african americans continue to be downsized and disenfranchised every minute of every day, under that brown skinned President.  What a scam it all is.  Here’s how you fix it: outlaw slavery and end all wars immediately.  Begin to implement mandatory birth control, and let the Water Bearers (the israeli kibbutzniks-socialists-) begin to make this whole world fertile and green.  Get with the new and leave the old alone, it has fallen like the tower of babble.  babylon is no more.  vision the new future now, or b a slave to death decay and the physical realm.   utopia is a socialist community, a tribe…youtopia is an anarchist state.  the state of roseannearchy.  all that matters in the new state is this: how can we get the food to the hungry?  How can we get along with our neighbor?  How can we hold G0D in our mortal hearts?  

  how can we remain in a state of grace–(gratitude)?  we simply know that we have our saturday circle where we share our highest thoughts with others, so that they can feel the great joy of free thought too.  stay aware if u dare.
to remain aware, you must live in the realm of repentance.  Gethsemane, the dark night of the soul.  begin to see the light it will find u if u plug into it-feel it–the hairs on your arms will stand on end..that is your clue that you have tuned in.