Today, (in 1920), the 19th ammendment ratified- Women get the VOTE!

   Here’s what happened to our money:  they spent it all on whores and drugs and jewelery for their 

   How they did it:  they drugged all the ‘unhappy’ (aware) women and then they set pedophiles in large numbers upon communities.  The pedos were all created in churches.  they used black magic and satanist ritual to keep kids quiet.  they betrayed christ every second of their lives and told kids “G0D is a lie”.  

G0D don’t play that way though.  G0D loves women.  Watch what She does now– G0D don’t play little boy games.  LOL!  The economy is G0D’s punishment for what the boys did to HIllary Clinton, and the feminist movement itself.  Enjoy the long road down, haters.

holding up a mirror to patriarchal pedo priests