finally the violent pedophiles for G0D have been defeated

LIFE IN PRISON FOR WARREN JEFFS–THE MORMON PROPHET (protected by the mormon church and Utah state politics for decades) PLUS TWENTY!!  I hear the roaring cackle of the Savior of Women, Mary Daly—YOU DID IT MARY!  You shot the Beast of Patriarchal Pedophilia (satan) right in the heart and it’s falling faster than acid rain.  No more can pedophiles torture women into helping prophets (profiteers) rape innocents.  The mothers of FLDS all deserve to serve life in prison along with jeffs too–disgusting filthy perverts all!!  women helped jeffs rape their own kids, and they tortured their newborns by waterboarding them from birth, as they paraded around in those long dresses to hide the fact that they are sexually perverted and filthy.  the quilt of polygamy —those women and men who escaped and testified against degenerate satanic cult leaders are heroes to the entire world.