i believe there is a solution to every problem in america

that can be easily fixed by including those who make less than 250K into the rooms of government where all monies are apportioned.  This would be revolutionary in America, but is desperately needed. In my cabinet, there will be a representative grandmother from each district.  There will be no need to re build or start anything new, as the structure already exists that we will need in order to move the foods from the collective farms to the hungry on each block.

Each grandmother will be responsible to keep twenty five young men from becoming violent, or acting in any type of sociopathic way against the community at large.  This will be hard to do, as so many of our young men are addicted to drugs or porn or the violence of street gangs. What we grandmothers know about raising kids must be put into play…we know that   what each person truly wants is a connection to community, to feel important and needed, and so we must lift the young men up so that they will see the wisdom we possess, and help us to use it so that we might feed clothe and shelter the millions of needy children who will soon be everywhere in America. 
   As God Almighty is my Witness, I will serve the American people when i am elected President of the United States.  I will not allow any strong American who can work to sit idly by depressed and dejected and out of hope.  I will employ each unemployed person, and put them to work farming organic foods and getting it to the hungry.  We will not need money.  We forsake money, as money is worthless now, anyway, at least the dollar.  We are the energy of the Divine Mother Herself, the Sabbath Bride.  Shabbat Shalom!