as G-d is my witness, we can fix this country in a heartbeat

We can return to being the breadbasket of the world and use the knowledge of our farmers who for generations kept the entire world fed.  We can buy only american products and not the Chinese’s products–we can manufacture our own stuff and get solar so we are not slaves to oil companies.  Please see that I have the solutions to save america and americans from wall street criminals!  Please see that!  We can forgive all the debt that we are in ourselves, since we are the ones who print the money.  We can rid ourselves of the Federal Reserve and stop being slaves to bankers.  We can nationalize everything, and pay ourselves the profits, not fifteen billionaire vampires.

ALL THAT STANDS BETWEEN WE THE PEOPLE AND THIS NEW WEALTH, IS LOBBYISTS!  kick them out of our Government and there will be no more war, no more pirates and no more pedophiles at the top of churches!