hoodwinked and bamboozled by bankers

and wall street, America’s working and middle class sits in front of their tv screens and calls people who are terrified on their behalf “conspiracy theorists”.  It’s so disgusting what has happened, and it’s so terrifying what is still to come, as churches do their part to help Wall Street steal every last dime from the American middle class, by preaching an anti-christ agenda of no compassion for the poor, and the support of slavery in the world (free markets).  

  There will soon be mass starvation in the United States, as gang style violence erupts everywhere.  The things that Americans have turned a blind eye to in Iraq, and everywhere else where US corporations have gone to steal resources and leave misery behind, employing the US military as their partner in crime is going to occur right here on the North American continent soon. Will Americans still be arguing about whether or not gays can get married or women can have abortions when they are living inside of Fema camps and have no food schools or drinkable water?  The Koch brothers are geniuses at changing the subject and diverting attention away from the actual problems coming here.  They are telling people that Obama is a Leninist–and the reason for that is that they are complete Fascists who care nothing for America or Americans, and see them only as potential servants, slaves or ‘materials’ to be experimented on for Pharma.  Armageddon will begin in America in 2012.  Neighbor against neighbor, brother against brother, Fascist thought is exactly the same as the thinking of violent Pedophiles.  They get off on fooling people–getting away with their crimes, and sneering at their victims is a huge turn on to them. Notice the sneer–it is on the face of every pastor rabbi minister politician ceo and criminal in the USA–the sneer is the new black.  Watch me turn it on them.
   Auschwitz is the model city of Fascists…the ‘useless eaters’ (Hitler’s term) will be worked to death in labor camps.  Americans, unlike the French, Russians and Poles will offer no resistance whatsoever, and will instead as the Germans did, instead cite the evils of unions, repeat racist canards, and parrot the propaganda offered to them on cable television.
    I am telling you to grow gardens and store water and arm yourselves as best as you can, but more important than those critical things, I am telling you to join with likeminded people and create community, which is the only hope we have to survive these next ten years as this country is completely dismantled and destroyed by Right Wing Money Worshippers, and their Impotent Republican and Democrat Congressional enablers.  This broken and unfixable government exists now only to serve corporate overlords—tripping over themselves to sell the last drop of American blood to the highest bidder.