2011 July

29 Jul: shabbat thoughts:

I will have perfect faith in the decency of my fellow human beings.  I will rebuke all vampires and ghouls within and without my sphere.  I AM.

getting ready for sundown.. as the light begins to fade on a week gone forever, I have to digest that which my brain recorded all week–and get rid of the negative parts and hold fast to the positive.… Keep on reading

28 Jul: this guy inspires me so much! i want to get my nuts over there too!


I want to get help making a macademia nut paste to get to this guy or somehow to those poor kids over there who are hungry while my protein rich nuts just rot on the ground.  I will meditate again this friday 2 am la time and keep seeking a way to have people help me to figure out how I can get this done!… Keep on reading

27 Jul: reasonable doubt:

a reader here writes:  Baez in closing argument, “We don’t know how Caylee died. We may never know how Caylee died.” Excuse me, but I thought CAYLEE DROWNED!!! Baez’ closing argument totally contradicted his opening statement, therefore CANCELLING EACH OTHER OUT!!!