this guy inspires me so much! i want to get my nuts over there too!

I want to get help making a macademia nut paste to get to this guy or somehow to those poor kids over there who are hungry while my protein rich nuts just rot on the ground.  I will meditate again this friday 2 am la time and keep seeking a way to have people help me to figure out how I can get this done!  I ask people who can help me to please contact me here!  We have to do everything ourselves, because no government can do a damn thing about solving even the simplest problems that plague our human family!
hunger is coming to america as i told you all–grow those gardens–share food community is what matters most and is also what will defeat the greedy hoarding piggy billionaires at their own game–we will freeze them out and shame them.  The rich 1% of Americans have NO PATRIOTISM AT ALL!!  they want all the good of american society FOR FREE!! they give nothing back and then they all talk about how they are the ones who will create jobs, but that is a LIE!  they have had all their tax breaks for years and they have created NO JOBS in america–and we taxpayers had to subsidize them the whole time–they do not care if their own neighbors starve, or freeze to death–how do you get that dissociative?  money makes people crazy and miserable–and not one rich person gets into heaven at all -as per jesus, (unless they start to help).