read and sign: Casey Anthony tried in federal court this time!:

She murdered a baby by giving her a shot of chloroform and duct taping her airways. There is all the proof in the world that she did it needed for a conviction.  Jose Baez used jury nullification to get her acquitted…confusing jurors as to what “reasonable doubt” means–the same Johnny Cochran tactic that all lawyers learn in sleazy law practice 101.  Jose Baez was a public defender who screwed over the public, and turned a mentally ill child murderer loose on the world for profit.  Now is the time for a big change in this country–starting with child murderers and their immoral defenders. Laws protect the innocent–and should not be at the expense of children’s lives and safety.  
 Let’s do this, America!  Read and sign! Let’s not let rinky dink podunk judges and juries rush to judgement at the expense of the moral heart/soul of this country!