I said this during the 'fake progressive' election:


I promise the american taxpaying citizen (those who make under 250K per year) that I will be of service to them against all the machinery of the powers of greed and suffering–all i need is your vote, and that costs NOTHING!  It’s FREE–because I will not use any of the bought out/owned media to run and to win.  I will use only my wits and your faith in me.  I can do it-vote for me–I am not a bought out shill or big money whore.  Barr/YOU 2012–read my platform and my solutions to return america to the productive country it once was before REAGANITES dismantled and ruined it by selling us all out to the  CHINESE!  (see wayne wang’s snowflower).
look out beeyotch I am coming for you and for all the crazies in our gov.  I’m saner than any of them, trust me!  
‘vote for me I’m not insane!’ Barr/ YOU 2012