Casey Anthony's dissociative problems-

At first I thought Baez had won the case in opening arguments, and I thought it was the beginning of a whole new chapter in mental health defenses.

  Casey is definitely dissociative.  Many dissociatives are highly intelligent and functional, though not all of them can hold a job for too long–as the switching from part to part (the self sabotage) followed by the amnesia (repetitive robotic actions) makes a job impossible, unless you are in a position to delegate your ideas to underlings–that is a very functional job for a dissociative person. You can invent a “boss” persona. I don’t think the Casey that sat in the courtroom knows what she did,  because she is able to switch personas when the truth comes too close.  
   I think she believed that she was saving her daughter’s life in a schizoid break from reality.  She did not want her to be raised in that same family.  Lots of dissociatives have schizoid breaks, but most do not.
   I offer a simple meditation here to those who have mental challenges–and fight to stay present to themselves–it’s easy as counting to ten while breathing in and then holding the breath and then exhaling the breath.  Lots of smokers do this…and may not be aware that that is the reason many of them actually smoke!  breathe in while counting to ten-then hold the breath for a count of ten and then exhale the breath for a count of ten.  in actuality you are receiving containing and sharing holy breath with your cells.  breath is life. Take no action after meditation–rest your mind.  take no action.  rest. Begin to breathe in when your pulse is raised-especially if you feel victimized–that is the realm of darkness–victims must not take action, or they will be defeated.  Nothing done in victim mental state will ever sustain itself.  there must always be a victim of the victim’s striking out. instead, we come to mental state of Merkobic meditation–ascending the throne-becoming Cause–SEALED to Cause.  Cause is: sustainability, the circle of life, the all.  
  new york was fun out til three meditating in the streets-visiting strawberry fields in the 2 am hour…hour of power. imagine.
saw wayne wang again at his premiere of ‘snowflower’–i love him.  he got a shit review by nyt–but my review of the movie: gorgeous stunning images, and a breathtaking performance from female cast.  this must blow the chinese minds away for a million years–what they have done to their women–thank you wayne wang for showing us truth–i want to write a children’s story now. the most amazing thing about my trip to ny as I detoxed off the casey anthony trial-and recouped my thinking powers, was seeing tina brown again, and speaking to her.  i most admire tina.  rupert falls, she rises.  apropos–I am going to write an article! Tina can really call good things out of writers.  I wanted to write it in nyc, but had to come back here for kimmel show chelsea and the talk–this week.  I want to move to nyc and write write drinky drinky write.  wanted to call dick cavett–lost his number–hi dick u r a genius wanted to show you my speech–might run for president too.  johnny says i am all over the place-from cray-to Z.  I can’t help it–thinking just one thought is not something I have ever done, and anyway its boring to be like that.
  When Casey remembers (synthesizes and integrates) what she did…she won’t be able to live with herself at all.  Harsh mental karma.  something happened to her to make her that way.  She must have wanted to plead guilty for reasons of insanity, but florida makes that too hard as a defense.  this country must deal with treatment for the mentally ill.  When you are around 38-40 you begin to synthesize your memories and that is when a lot of dis-sociatives end their own lives.  First part of your life as a D.I.D you are processing what was done to you–second half you have to process the things you yourself did. living in repentance is different that living in forgiveness. two sides of the same coin though.
  It will be harsh on her when she remembers what she did to her baby–and she will remember it someday–at that precise moment when she thinks she has totally erased it.  that is how the self sabotage works–the ish (inner self helper) that did’s have–finally steps forward to retrieve the broken mind, and correct it’s program.  the still small voice. awareness is kryptonite to dissociative offenders.
  Florida is full of child abuse, lost kids and a shitty Bush justice system. The jurors have turned a child killer loose–the ghouls have won again.