old women must take care of young women!

Just because many of our daughters are really not all that smart whatsoever about the necessity for feminism in a society, a culture or a religion, in order for that society to be a healthy and productive one quite yet, does not mean that we the mothers and grandmothers of america can sit back and let these people start running things.  We must do it, as we are the smartest women ever on earth–the richest and best educated of all women up til now–we must make sure that things do not go backward for our grandchildren, or their mothers, or their mothers mothers or their own grandchildren.  women are the light of the world and we must get up off of our too fat asses and start fixing problems right now before we are dead–no women will ever be allowed this chance again, if we do not.  elect me!  I’m a strong and smart woman–I’m no HO!  vote pour moi! 2012!