messianic complex:

energy of intelligence of messiah can run through your body today.  messiah=justice and peace.  it feels good to feel these things, if only here in roseanneworld where i write about the power of repentance.

  I know I sound dangerously Jerry Lewis when I write about this stuff, but I do take myself far too seriously at times, and I start thinking in a manic way about my many many talents.  I realize the minute i feel that way about myself, that a huge depression is going to come soon.  What I do to avert it, or to diminish it, is, I begin to repent and that helps me to have expanded awareness of the things I do.  The things I do change the way I think.  It’s really magical, but yet it’s not magic at all!  meditation helps me to stay aware of my affect on the people in my sphere.  being aware of the real differences in effect and affect is how you can heal from being sociopathic, which we all can become now and then.  It is Satanic not to know cause from effect, not to know affect from affectation.