mary daly was the chrysallis

her words unwove a web of lies–when I clearly saw that web of lies, i went into shock for about one year. I could not stop seeing things at all at first, all pimps became immediately visible.  the buzzing energy of sexual psychopathic blood lusting male robotic mind controlled by the govrnment with video games and pornographers,  Babylon, engineered by pervert scientists and its twin towers of bullshit–money and religion became ghostlike and clear to me. I saw the pedophile priests in charge of the education of children and knew that there was indeed a war against women’s rights being unleashed by the Beast named Patriarchy, whose Priesthood serves NOT G-D. ( antichrist means NOT G-D).  

   I saw it for the first time.  I screamed and cried and fell apart for one full year after Reagan, the actor hired by the Mormon growers in Orange County was ushered up from the bowels of hell by the Royal Family plutocrats, the Bushes. Read my lips!  No new taxes! their most prized political point, the one that always gets them elected–the race card–is going to be played beyond big time this next election.  Racism will win here because it always does.  This country cannot afford to get any more racist, believe you me.  80% of black men are in prison or the parole or the judicial system!  Judges voted to give themselves the right to get paid every time they send a black man to jail! –sending black american men to jail is big business especially out west where Cheney and Halliburton roam, the west that was better served by the Buffalo who shat upon it, than by western political bosses…and yes they do dress up like women when they are all together and yes they do do all the stuff that they write laws to prevent others from doing too.  this is the reign of the psychopath–millions of little hitlers running the world, running the wild wild west–but not even they can stop or hold back any longer the new world of women, the world of cleanliness and order.  We will clean up every dark corner and fix every problem, as we already do that everywhere, except where there are the big seats of power–they do not want women there where they figure out how to fund their child pornography and child sex slave rings.  free markets means slavery, the stock market gets paid each time an old woman dies.  that’s the only boring thing they could come up with…I can fix the stock markets in a day, if elected.  vote for me—i will make greening of the stock market and life the guidelines that the council of grandmothers will institute in order to rebuild after the war against America’s poor is over, and we are forced to rebuild the world around us or perish–that is coming very soon under Obama, the Manchurian Armageddonist. 
—we must neutralize all women who are not on our side first.  Most are not on the side of women at all.  yes i said it!  women direct their own men to attack other women, to teach them a lesson, to put them in their place.  Most mothers hate at least one of their female children, especially the brave ones, as they are a real threat–if they resist being genitally mutilated by an older woman, that woman will be seen as a traitor.  If you believe God has anything to do with that, then you are an enemy of women and will not survive what is coming.  
  a brave woman is the greatest threat and horror to patriarchy.  It pees in its widdle pants when confronted with that choice spector of hell–a brave woman who tells a grown man that he cannot have his way because his way is stupid and wrong–takes her life into her own hands–but man it is sure fun to do it!  I do it for the joy it causes me!  To expose the lie at the heart of this whole “don’t get angry” about things ladies–it just is not ladylike! If you do not agree to be a victim, we will further victimize you, and all who are like you.  You are a vagina and nothing else.  remove yourself from our sight, we are pure and you are filthy.  the dalit in india suffer so terribly due to their backward superstitions and religions, but to watch one of the indian intellectual classes discuss his religious beliefs about how the dalit deserves his/her fate was the thing that most radicalized me in Hollywood’s fundraising world–200 billionaires reward themselves for giving one million dollars for good pr.
  I asked my question during the fundraiser: “Sir, don’t you think the real problem with the Dalits is one of labor and not of religion?”  then they guy made a complete ass of himself and got no money from the jews.  Then I asked all the jews if they would be willing to contribute to my “rebuild the temple” project in Jerusalem–no one there wants to rebuild the Temple, because it was Ruled by a Priestess, before Rome demanded an end to that.  hello.

 the wild wild west is still west and still wild.  The Mormon church can save the poor of this country–they can save the constitution hanging by a thread –with the truth about their wonderful welfare system!!!  everyone join!!!  
cali politics without arnold will be amusing.  come on jerry come on jerry–fix some shit now.