that sarah palin is all aipac

all the way–raking in the welfare money from the taxpayers.  Black people are being hit so hard right now in this country it is a crime—all poor people and all immigrant workers are being sold into slavery to the penal system–held with no rights in haliburton funded prisons here in our beautiful country–and judges are getting paid off to commit people to the prison systems–indigent workers and teens fetch a high price for the jackals and vampires who work for the un-judicial systems of this government.

  the military industrial complex–our only export– our own undereducated and poor offspring go to war.
the prison industrial complex–orrin hatch’s brainchild–is black slavery again.  
black people must know that they can join the mormon church right now and american indians too and immigrants and all the poor too or the homeless and hit hard working classes—the mormon church is a great socialist organization that offers cradle to the grave protections for its members…a wonderful welfare system exists within the church–if you work a day you can receive food.
  surely the church will open its arms to the millions of new members who will recognize the genius of the socialist brigham young, and the kabalist joseph smith.