fellow Utahn, Mathew Modine, genius piece:


another reader disagrees with mathew and says:

‘I’m shocked that you like it and I really think you should read it
more carefully and then retract it. One of the all-time dumbest pieces
I’ve ever read, and he ironically does exactly what he’s accusing
others about (and I say this even though I’m pals with his son Boman).

He says, “Reliable and established newspaper and magazine editors
require substantiation for stories before they go to print.” Really??
You know better than that, if only for reading stuff at FAIR:
http://www.fair.org/index.php. Does established media substantiate all
the stories about you?? And he says, “What if what Assange thinks he’s
exposing is, in fact, information the oppressive regime has carefully
planned and selected to be “leaked”?” Modine floats this full-of-crap
idea without siting even a “whisper” of a single example of this. He’s
just making shit up. Even Assange’s myriad enemies have not accused
him of anything like this. All the criticisms are about redacting
names (which they’ve meticulously done since just about the beginning)
and revealing government secrets. Would you and Modine prefer that we
all leave government secrets unmolested? Should Chomsky and company
just shut up about everything and let the NY Times and NBC figure out
out truth? Modine says, “WikiLeaks, Facebook and most of the
information on the net, are full of personal opinion, not
substantiated fact.” Facebook aside (and his inclusion of them is
stupid for reasons I don’t have time to get in to), where does he site
any evidence that this is true of Wikileaks? He doesn’t because he has
none and there is none. All Modine is doing is buttressing the
argument (an argument I disagree with) that actors/celebs don’t know
anything and should keep their traps shut.”