from cathy:

Alphabet of the Reptilian Resistance

By Cathy Bilsky & Liz Pressman

A is for Airborne Diseases

B is for Bohemian Grove Or Bildeburger Or Black Magic

C is for Chem Trails

D is for Draconian or Demons or DNA tampering

E is for Earthquake or Electromagnetic Energy or Enslave or Energy Vampire

F is for Fukashima or Fema Concentration Camps or FBI

G is for Genetically Modified Food

H is for HAARP or Hi-jacker or Hologram

I is for Illuminati

J is for Jamming Signals

K is for Knights Templar or KKK

L is for Lizard

M is for Mind control or Montauk project

N is for Nazi or New World Order or Neocons

O is for Oil Spill or Ozone depletion

P is for Police State

Q is for Question Authority

R is for Reptilian or Radiation

S is for Satan or scull and Bones or Shape Shifter

T is for Tsunami or Tornado Or Torture or Tesla

U is for Under Ground Resistance Movement

V is for Vrill or Vampire

W is for Weather Manipulation or Water Boarding

X is for X-Rays (all kinds)

Y is for Year 2012

Z is for Zapped