tracy morgan might be an idiot sometimes-as geniuses are

but–he has given black americans, and the mormon americans and evangelical americans of every race and color–as well as orthodox jews an opportunity to get right–should they hate their gay children or not?  This is a very important subject that America must bring into the Light where it can be proved or unproved.  This is historic–is the bible right when it says kill your gay children or is it wrong?  my answer:  I accept nothing that comes from any book written by any man.  I have learned that everything Patriarchal leads to unending war and Pedophiles as Priests.  Listen to me:  we need new traditions that serve our Higher Good–which is the Common Good.  Drop the Hate and STOP CALLING IT GOD.  it is not.   God is in the minds of believers and no where else.

Tracy is telling us what little children hear every day–and many of them ARE gay, and know that they are under attack.  This kind of explains so much about who Tracy is and why he thinks it’s a ‘choice’ to be gay.  The fact is, its OK 2 B gay.  It’s not ok to lie. It’s not OK to hate gays.  It’s not ok to use G-d as an excuse for hating gays either!  
   Many heterosexuals have ‘chosen’ to live that lifestyle because they are too afraid of the violence encouraged against gays in Evangelical America!  It is not a choice—you are born gay.   Start dating each other instead of quoting the bible all the time!
love men, instead of condemning them! 
Lesbanians:–start loving each other right now!  Stop battering each other too! You guys are bitches!