thinking about tracy morgan–

comics reflect reality back in society’s face–Tracy was just commenting on Palin, and the Republican and Mormon and Evangelical attitudes towards gays–its true that their hatred of their own gay kids is repulsive–and tracy nailed that.

   He is a comic genius–watch his stand up. I’ve never seen anyone better–including richard pryor or lenny bruce–he gets deep into a subject–drug addiction, being black, dysfunctional families, racism, and the sexual limitations of being male–he has said more than almost any other comic about these things–

  Comics go too far sometimes–at least the great ones do. He apologized, and is being attacked by every one on earth–but we have a need to destroy our bravest artists– because they go too far and too deep while exposing the rot at the core of our unexamined social contracts, and religious bigotries. 
   Tracy’s best characters are gay–he’s conflicted about it and the TRUTH is–the black Christian community is hateful to gays, and he is acting that out –exposing the dark heart–he is mirroring all those  black churches who took money from racist mormons to oppose gay rights and pass prop 8 in Cali.

–take a deeper look at the words of artists who mock hypocricy.  I grew up hearing people say they would kill their own kids if they were gay–two of my sibs are gay–that is why I have fought so hard–

  and– I will also keep fighting people who do not want artists to expose TRUTH.  The FACT that people think and talk this way about their own gay children needs to be exposed 24-7! 
  I know, as a comic–that Tracy Morgan was channeling the real everyday loathing directing at gay kids within their own hateful religious families–