weiner lies about the occupation in the left bank:

His wife is Muslim–she needs to leave him and do the right thing, and so does Mrs. Clinton–Mrs. Clinton is going to be forced to take the side of American Jews on the vessel “audacity of hope” against Israel if the anti-blockade ship is attacked by Israel.  One fourth of the passengers are Jews, many are Americans, including Alice Walker, the author of “The Color Purple”.   Israel is in terrible danger of self destruction under the horrible and greedy Bibi Netanyahu, an aipac operative who answers to the same people that Sarah Palin answers to:  Right wing fascist Zionist Christians who want a Jew Free world.

  The Evangelicals believe that Christ will return to the world when all of the Jewish people who refuse to worship him as the one true savior (christian crusades) are murdered in a righteous war against the anti-christ (jews).
   Make no mistake–years ago I warned of this lemming like agreement that israel’s right wing has led the jews into–bedding those who despise us and want our end.  Aipac is just a branch of Haliburton, and it is only kept powerful through attacking socialist jews who care about a just world, and not banking profits. The way that Aipac stays powerful is through PR firms who hire bloggers to attack targets in cyber, and libel and besmirch them anonymously, and destroy their lives and livlihoods as artists.  How does someone get so twisted that they would choose to grow richer and richer by destroying their own family?  That is what ‘belief’ and ‘tradition’ do to people.  there are only facts.  
  GOD HATES RELIGION–(now watch the patriarchal female ghouls rush in to say that God cannot Hate).  God does in fact HATE EVIL–which is patriarchy.