Shavuoth and the audacity of hope:

The vessel named “audacity of hope” is bound for Gaza–one quarter of the people on board are Jewish!  Aipac is falling–while it’s operatives are tweeting weiner pics, and morally bankrupt in everyway, helping BIBI to murder the Jewish soul, just for a few shekels.  See the Light ahead!  It grows brighter every minute–

   Ken Levine, who blames me for the harassment I was put through, is probably just another Aipac operative Hollywood insider who delights in blackballing me in the entertainment industry because i am not a supporter of Zionist occupation of Palestinian lands, nor do I support the racist ghettoization of Gaza.  To many uneducated Jewish people inside of Hollywood–who are encouraged by ADL, and Aipac to attack any Jew who opposes Bibi Netanyahu with gang emails, facebook, myspace and twitter attacks on that person’s character.  It has been happening to me for years—but because I know how to access my own inner Hashem, I fear no human being at all–the One that is in me is stronger than the one who is in the world.  I have helped to crack walls and kick them down everywhere that I see darkness hiding from Light.  Gaza may be the graveyard of the Jewish Soul, and of Israel–  But- I see instead that Divine Intelligence will intercede on behalf of David the King of Malchut this Shavuout, as the Weiners fade and the grandmothers gather!  
  from my heart to the ear of the Hebrew Goddess, Ashtoreth, who is the Tree of Life, celebrated today, though almost no Jew knows of this at all.