at my first acorn rally, I began to put forth this very idea:

It was presented to me by a fantastic lawyer who is now being heard in the Courts of this country–Yes We Can! 
  Socialism for everyone, not just the Mormon church!  I humbly encourage all poverty stricken Native Americans to join the Mormon Church today–their Book of Mormon is about you!  It is about how God will redeem you through the Mormon Church–which just happens to have the world’s greatest cradle to the grave welfare system, paid for in no bid government contracts underwritten by the taxpaying mothers of America whose rights are under attack by this same church! 
  The Church is a righteous one and feeds clothes and shelters its members, although it is sexist and racist and homophobic right now, but will soon change in a big way!  Join the Mormon Church, America.  This will cause the church to understand that socialism for all is in its own best interest, and to start sharing its God Given Socialist Ideals of tithing and community, and stop funding anti gay, anti female and anti labor legislation–while advancing its own socialist goals!!!  
  You cannot dismantle the master’s house using the master’s tools!  This is what Joseph Smith warned you about!