my final comment on Ken Levine:

   He is defending the offenders of course–that’s who he is. He doesn’t get what I was saying in this blog or in the original article, because he has no empathy for people like me or charlie sheen, dave chappelle, brett butler, cybil shepherd, margaret cho, tracy morgan or valerie harper or any of the other stars who have survived a hostile work environment—but nonetheless, it is against the law to foster one, and even though Labor Laws are the bane of Hollywood, they do exist and should be used against producers who defend offenders/bullies.

  That is the very definition of fostering a hostile work environment–to band together to attack the credibility of one who brings a complaint–it is a great Labor Law, which gives recourse to male and female artists against harassment and bullying treatment, such as I lived through. 

  Also–Ken doesn’t understand how Hollywood works at all–he doesn’t think that a “created by” credit matters in the least.