i need no money and no help from any human being to

win the presidency of the usa and the prime minister-ship of israel, for which I offer myself (its a two-fer).  All I need from you is your vote, just once as a write in on the ballot.  I promise you I am not a liar nor am I a fake.  

  What I need more than the vote of any human, is the power of The Light to direct my intention to bring peace to the House of David, my people, and therefore to every human being on earth. Hashem will use me as Hashem intends to use me, and place the words in my mouth and my foot upon the path.
   I am here, and I am ready to serve.  shabbat shalom. Hashem is my sword and my shield, my mind and my heart, though I fail repeatedly to deserve what I have been given. Tonight my visions promise to be epic.  THE RAM!!!