Maria's Karma:

   When Tom became Arnold S’ best friend (birds of a feather) during the making of True Lies (which ended our marriage–I should actually thank Schwartzie for that perhaps) Tom came home and said that Arnold had told him that if you give your wife a baby, then you can have sex with whomever you want to. Tom thought that was pretty sick, and then he started talking about us having a baby all the time.  ((((Duhhh))))

  Tom (and everyone else) knew that Arnold was bagging everyone in sight, and everyone knew that Maria knew it too, but, being of the Kennedy clan, she had been trained to turn a blind eye. One of my make up artists that I hired once told me that she had sex with Arnold at his home with Maria in the next room when she went over there to dye his hair each week.
   It really made me sick the way Maria cleaned up after her vile husband, when she knew that he was a liar, a groper, a freak and an opportunist, yet despite all that, she used all of her celebrity goodwill to get him into the office of Governor of California, so he could fuck all of the people of California.

When I saw Maria and Arnold in Maui when my baby Buck was just a few months old, I went over to say hello, since I had not seen them since I got a divorce from Tom, and wanted them to see my new baby, and meet my new husband, Ben.  Maria’s words really shook me, they were so insensitive and ignorant, I will never forget them–ignoring my new baby totally, she said, in front of all of her kids who were laying on suncots, “Just curious, Roseanne, but why are you always saying such terrible things about Tom?  He helped my brother get sober, and was the one person in Hollywood who was a true friend to Arnold.  I just wonder why you can’t let things go?  He’s a good man!”

  I said, “You weren’t married to him! Why would you think it’s any of your business to say any of this shit to me?  Don’t you have any manners at all?”   Then I walked away from her.  
  I’m shocked that she isn’t out there defending him now.  Some say this is his second love child, not his first, during their marriage.