2011 April

30 Apr: I am running on the green tea party ticket–which i made up myself

 four score and some years ago, our foremothers brought forth upon this continent, a pilgrim ideal–telling the authorities of government and church —we have no more need of you and are off to this jolly good new continent. tally ho! pumf pumf–
 Well, as I wrote for tina brown at the new yorker in early 1991-  when i was writing about the first people’s queen, diana…I said that someday her son would sit on the throne of England and that he would free the people of Ireland, finally.… Keep on reading

29 Apr: how will i end the settlements and unending war in the Middle East?


when I am President of the US as well as Prime Minister of Israel?  simple:  I will stop paying for the wars, settlements, and human rights violations.  I will create peace—peace and prosperity for Israel, Palestine and all the democratic governments in the Middle East.  I will bring them together to create clean water and food—I will ask the grandmothers of each nation to overthrow their warlords and dictators, and organized crime elements—as well as get rid of their royal families.… Keep on reading

27 Apr: from cynthia mckinney, my choice as running mate:

 From Cynthia McKinney: Who’s War in Libya ?


I must commend the authors who are prolifically researching and writing facts and truths that have been purposely hidden from us, even while in plain view.  Another often-overlooked important aspect of logistics that facilitates the neocon (and neolib) agenda is finance.  And so, I wanted to write a piece on finance and the crisis in Libya .  To remind readers of the multi-faceted strands of U.S.Keep on reading