cathy bilsky, who disagreed with my war on satan, now has become a roseannearchist:

I declare war against the global elite, all reptilians. The King, Queen , their seed and all who works with Cathy Bilsky
To the Global elite, any satanic worshipers and all your followers that do your bidding. You created this world war against humanity and our planet. I will take you up on your challenge of battle. Be afraid of the Goddess born in the year of the snake for she is coming for you and she knows Divine magic…Be afraid.
It’s on boys.
I will not become your slave, do your bidding and i will fight you till my last breath. I will do battle every day of my life against you and in my dream state too. This should make you shake in your shoes for I have NO limitations in dream state. You cannot run nor hide from me I will find you and yours where ever you go. Destroying all your machines and plans as I go forward in light.
Let it be also known that i am in perfect health with no heart troubles and in good physical shape. I do not do any hard drugs..Ever… nor drink alcohol..Ever. I don’t like it. I am not nor ever have been suicidal and I love my family and would not ever do them intentional harm. So boys don’t try and send any energy or anything negative at me. That would be a real bad call for I am one of God’s many favorites. Mess with me you mess with the Big Guy….and Jesus, Sai Baba, Prem Baba , Shirdi Baba and the rest of the Gang like Mother Mary, All the Goddess and Gods.
phift…all You have is Satan….I think the odds are really more in my favor .
Direct anything evil or dark at my family, friends or any light worker on the planet your karma will immediately come back to you 100,000,000 fold. Look at me as your Moses and you are all Pharisees..What you direct at us will manifest in your own lives 100,000,000 fold. Karma can be a bitch.
Take a good look at my face boys of reptilian DNA for from now on I am the face of Medusa. Except when you look at me your reptilian brain will short out and your hearts will open as you reconnect to the Creator. Then you will have feelings, emotions; have consciousness, become loving kind and generous. Becoming generous donors to all groups standing up for light. The more you give the happier you shall become.
My reality is stronger than yours. I am a better Dreamer than you are. In my reality you are NOTHING, falling apart and repairing the damage you have created. My reality is we are in the Divine age of Enlightenment.
You have lost and humanity/ mother earth wins.
Your choices are only 2. One you will come over to the light .or 2 God will take you out and
put you on the new planet f
ormed just for you to keep growing again called Wormwood.
Like I said it’s already a done deal…You lost..Be very afraid, shake in your shoes, feel that chill that comes over you when your plans fall apart. You have lots of infighting and disagreements with each other.
We send light to your children that are more human then reptilian giving them courage to stand up to you and work on the side of light….Now how does that feel. You will now worry about who your friends are and who is not…you spend many sleepless nites on this. All your machines breaking down it’s like you are living  a perpetual mercury in retrograde.
Got the picture?
It’s on dudes
Sweet dreams….not