pencil in my name! I need no contributions, just your vote!

I will, if elected President of the USA, repeal the income tax, forgive all student loans, implement free health care, and free higher education, and forgive all student loans, legalize marijuana, and kick out the FED.  I will also make China the 51 state, as Obama is attempting to do right now as he accepts massive donations from the Chinese government for his campaign as International Figure Head of Worldwide Free Market Capitalist Patriarchy. (the sado-state).

  “I Barack Obama do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and to the best of my ability to preserve the wealth of all the DYNASTIC FAMILIES located throughout the world, protect their FINANCIAL INTEREST and DEFEND AGAINST all would be enemies foreign and domestic that might ask for EQUAL DISTRIBUTION OF THE WORLD’S WEALTH. Lastly, and furthermore, I will continue TO DESTROY and ERODE THE RIGHTS GIVEN TO THE PEOPLE IN THE U.S. CONSTITUTION and DEFEND THE PATRIOT ACT, MILITARY COMMISSION ACT, ANTI-TERRORISM ACT to the BEST OF MY ABILITY TO SERVE THE ELITIST SO HELP ME POWER BROKERS”. 

 the truth is visible to all who can see it now.  this is true too:  if you pencil me in I will make heaven on earth for every child within one year, I know how to do it.  I will shut down the war machine using the brave services of the GAY and LESBIAN troops who though fighting for freedom in the world, are not allowed to have it here at home for their own families and children.  I will speak for them, and for all who pay 40% of their income to taxes, as I do.  I am rich but am not getting any benefits at all!  I thought as a rich person I would not have to pay for any wars, but that was a trick.  I have divested my portfolio of all warmongering stocks and bonds.  I could very well go broke as thats the only thing making any money.  but this is wrong.  God told me its wrong. I will also ask for the support of the brave non gay and lesbian troops and their families.  I will not let the Government refuse to pay them.  I will support the troops all the way back home, where I pray they will live the rest of their lives healing and in peace.  I will get the job done.  I will not accept one penny beyond my expenses to be paid, as I will conduct myself as a servant of the public’s interests.  I will be your servant at the big table where the money is divided and earmarked.  I, like my cousins David the King, and Jesus the Kabalist, will trust in the Highest Level of Consciousness—the tree of life, which is called Ashtoreth. The Goddess Green.