i ask the rothschild family to become the underwriters of my dual campaign for president usa, prime minister israel (two-fer).  I will bring into fruition all that The Torah tells the Jewish people to do, which is to bring Mashiach.  I will set up the foundation of the Kingdom of Mashiach, which as we all know is peace on earth.  Jerusalem is to be a city of international brotherhood, and I will bring it.  I know how to do this!  TRUST ME I CAN MAKE PEACE!  i can do it for far cheaper than what wars cost too!  I will outlaw war.  I will outlaw killing, by killing all killers.  I will do it myself and take all the karma.  I will put the killers out on an island where they can all go at each other until they are gone from the earth. the revenues from the ‘pay per view’ (killers gone wild!) will cover the deficit.

  The Rothschild family needs to step up and save the Jewish People from their leaders.  I am unable to get even one jew to back me in this.  instead they are backing trump and palin…both notorious anti semites, as is everyone involved with beauty pageants at any level!  I need twenty billion dollars to cover all the expenses I will incur in this campaign.  If no jew backs me, then I will be forced to run only symbollically which I am prepared to do as well. 

  I will help not hurt the us economy.  our economy is based on the sale of weapons–i will get a government bail out to sell guns to the world’s true leaders, the grandmothers I choose as the block leaders—each one responsible for one hundred people (as per usual)…this will create peace instantly.  When all grandmothers are armed, we will meet and discuss our next move.  
new slogan: “vote for me, I’m not a deviant or a con man!”