obama is going to start looking smart soon–

They have allowed other countries to contribute to us elections–what that means to us:  the house of saud will buy the us government, and joining with the mormons who are their true friends, they will legalize plural and child marriage in the usa and outlaw abortion and the right to drive for women.  All women professors will be fired from the rape culture universities, and kicked out of unions, and the incidence of rape on campus will force almost all women to drop out of the institutions of ‘higher learning”.  More women will get to the top of the heap though, and they will get there like Sarah Palin, by selling out the rights of american women who are the majority of this country’s taxpayers.  they are going to destroy every feminist gain we acquired with our blood and our sweat and our tears.  that is what the religions and think tanks of pedophilia want for their mothers and sisters.  then they will be able to have ultimate access to the children that they lust for.  this is no joke–we are in the crucible of vampires (those who lust for the blood of the unbefouled).

–pirates are the only things that can defeat vampires.