now that the true davinci torah tale has been told

here by me, roseanne c.barr,  I am writing a whole new one, as is my right as a Jewish Grandmother and scholar of Patriarchal Reversal of Gender.  Why did She become a HE?  answer:  because He is becoming a She!  The male is a lemming that otherwise deprogrammed by us, will fuck up everything!  Boys must be sterilized at birth.  It will be painless and reversible when they reach the age of 35, if they are able to survive that long, having little wisdom or impulse control!!

the x chromo is damned!  We must reprogram it, and we can it is simple!  grandmothers must form a real and responsible intertribe council.  certain behaviors will be rewarded and certain will punishable by lockup in the many prisons we have now that can be converted into re-education camps.  It will be easy to access the tax free entitlements of churches, which sit at the edge of every military base on earth, where our soldiers are brainwashed into thinking that Armaggeddon is a reality, and not an absurd nazi-like fantasy, and use them as de-programming centers.