humbly I have retranslated the torah for women.

I know who Esther is.  She is Ishtar.  Ishtar is Hashem, Divine Mother Love.  Tap into it Girls, or else you will never have another chance like this one.  You will be dead.  The State of Living Death is what the Vampire Nation wants for us, those of us who think freely.  They want whores.  (slaves).  They think rape is part of “free markets”.  Yale is a disgusting woman hating pimpdom, scarred by the pedophile priests who sit atop its boards.  Thankfully one of my readers in the FBI had the balls to turn the eyes of the law to the top of this evil pyramid of greed and unceasting profits for unceasing ethnic cleansing called WARS, on the scumfilth at the TOP.  trickle down indeed, pig Raygun.  the kids are shooting each other in schools.  Please if there is a God, or a Goddess–prove that you have some power in this sphere.  Do you?  Let’s see it.  If you continue to be silent, I will do it myself!  (this is the thought that the slaves had just before the red sea parted!)  when we know we are god we are god.  so must it be, from my lips to the ears of Hashem.  what a happy happy passover this has been.  Setting the predator free.  Next time we will have to kill him or he will attack us the Hawaiian hunters say.  They showed me their knife.  they choke them out and cut their throats.  Not on Passover, I said, no blood shed this time.  I told the pig that she should go back to her peeps and let them know not to come around here anymore.  we will see how smart she is.