feeling elevated:

having totally integrated the Sacred and the Profane.  It has been so much fun always–weaving my way through the web since the Pirate Queen, The Christa, Mary Daly showed me how to compute the wind and the stars and the planets and the whole sphere of things, and to walk away, having synthesized it all, and pick up a pen and Be-Speak the Lusting for the Truly Ecstatic and Existing Living Magic Egg, and the combined waters of the Earth’s Springs everywhere–which are all connected underground.  I told Mary I would be the next step, and I am.  Knowing that her cells exist right now in Miriam’s Well, in the Galilee thrills me.  Back to Source, Mary.  Now YOU are the source, Pirate Sister!  

  MARY DALY’S READER IS COMPLETE!  THANK YOU LINDA B.  A SPINNING TIME OF MAD CREATION AWAITS EVERY SHARED CELL OF EVERY LIVING THING.  WE WILL WRITE MORE STORIES!!!  our shared stories create the blueprint for the web of Life (called God).  yay!  MY GOD IS A GIRL AND SHE IS A TREE!  what a beautiful story Torah teaches me.  To translate even one page in my lifetime would have been thrilling, but to grasp the real kernal of the story has been my quest forever and I have found it, as was promised to me at age 3 by an angel.  or so i have thought he was, and lived as he directed always.  He was on a horse, a cowboy who beckoned me on to another level of existence, all hidden in the mind, and covered with coded combinations.  I knew at 3 that I had something to do for The Mother of God, who is actually a coded program forced down the throats of jewish women for centuries–that we are witches.  that we control the world’s purse strings and start every war.  That we lust for the blood of non jewish children.  this is how the world sees the jew.  The fact that people still are living that same old tired program and missing out on the fact that yes, the Jewish Woman is a witch, of course she is, but she is a Good Witch and she can save us!  what is wrong with you people, Goddess un damn you!!