crossing the red sea and seeing G-d's arm soon!

My annual trip to Mount Sinai is absolutely fabulous!  I want to thank shannon and those ladies who helped me yesterday by cutting and dicing and doing the woman’s work with me while I cooked!  I want to report that my Matzo Spinach Lasagne was scrumptious no BS!  we had that and carrots with raisins in honey, salmon with spicy mustard sauce, sephardic charoset (better on the second day–the booze seeps in)–artichoke romanian ghetto style, with raisins and onions and zucchini stuffing–hummus and spicy israeli salad, and grape Manny wine K of course for passover.  i let the captured pig go free —they say if you do not kill the predator, s/he will return with many friends.  I hope that pig bitch listened to me when I did the meditation to re align your thoughts thing to her.  She might be a receiver.  I think the animals are getting smarter as the people get dumber.  that is my thought.