what no one can hear me say: THE ROSEANNEARCHY!:

(the reason is because I have put a cloak of hashem around my aura)…but here is what everyone is unable to hear because they are not programmed to hear anything about G-d being unity peace and love.  we can never know G-d in anyway, because G-d is unknowable, and we are too dumb to grasp perfection, but we can integrate many of HER/HIS attributes.   THIS IS MY MESSAGE TO YOU:  we do not need money in any way, and we do not need oil either nor do we need anything on earth but these things–food water clothing and shelter, and at least that important to our being is that we need each other.  we need shelter and haven and community.  We need UNION!  I will unite the american taxpayers in union, in full legal rebellion against England.  We are not the colonies of The Crown, NOR ITS BANKING ARM, NOR ITS VATICAN.  My constituents are tired of getting nothing for footing the bill for obese fat cat industrialists like the Koch Brothers.  AMERICA: LOVE IT OR FUCKING LEAVE IT, AND PS–YOU ARE NOT TAKING OUR MONEY WITH YOU WHEN YOU MOVE AWAY EITHER.  YOU ARE LEAVING THE PUBLIC’S MONEY WITH THE PUBLIC.  YOU WILL NOT BUY OUR NATIONAL PARKS AND MAKE THEM YOUR PRIVATE GOLF RESORTS.  NO! ! 

  HERE IS WHAT WE NEED TO DO:  FIRST, THROW OUT EVERYBUM AND THE HORSE THEY RODE IN ON.  WE WILL INSTITUTE PARLIAMENTARY LAW AND ELECTIONS, AS THEY DO WHERE THEIR QUEEN RESIDES.  I AM TO BE CHOSEN THE QUEEN OF AMERICA, AND YOU THE PROBLEM SOLVERS ARE TO BE MY PARLIAMENT.  LETS GET THIS DONE RIGHT FOR ONCE–FREE EDUCATION AND HEALTH CARE FOR ALL, ALL LOANS FORGIVEN, BANKS REPLACED WITH LOCAL CREDIT UNIONS, AND WE PRINT OUR OWN CURRENCY, BASED ON WHAT A NICE TOMATO COSTS TO ORGANICALLY PRODUCE.  if you have money move here lets do this.  hawaii is ground zero–the home of the SS, Blackwater.  I am unafraid to see the future, and I also know how to correct it.  the pendulum has swung way too far right, and that means PATRIARCHY, where war is unending.  I declare patriarchy obsolete and birth a new system of values and laws, which i will detail here–each a solution –a SOULution for manifesting the age of the Messiah…who will be plentiful as the mustard seed.  everything starts with honoring the earth, she feeds us…break patriarchy’s program, women –you have already done most of the work all that is left now is just women speaking to other women about solutions and about peace.  that is all that is left for the birth of the Christa.  push push breathe push push.