I declare myself as a candidate for President

I plan to run as a republican, simply because that is the party of Lincoln who freed the slaves, and this being just before Passover, I intend to channel the spirit and the good intentions of Lincoln, a wonderful president, a very brave man who knew that without union, there is no unity and there are therefore, no unions.  Lincoln is rolling in his grave I am sure when he hears that his party has divided the people of this country even more than they were at the time of the civil war.  In order to restore a shred of dignity to the republican party’s mission (which was to protect small business owners from undue rape by the government–they have failed in their mission, and they have perverted it too). 

  I am the real deal in every way, no bullshit.  I will fix everything and not take one dime of your money to do it.  I will change what needs to be changed, including the myths were are forcibly fed to pacify and degrade us.  I will bring the light of the truth to this country, and demand that this country begin doing the right things in order for Liberty to survive for Females.  I will give you all free health care, and forgive all of your student loans too.  I will legalize medical marijuana and hemp will become the new basis of our economy.  I will harness the power of the sun to light everything and to grow everything.  I will do exactly as what the ascended masters instruct me to do.  It is all written in books, and that which is true is known to everyone, with not a shred of doubt in the least..IXNAY ON THE AVERY-SLAY.  a simple message from Moses.
We can using stem cells, cure every disease and in fact, kill the angel of death itself, as the israelites did in slavery to egypt.  we are killing satan this year this passover.  i hope you are meditating and building your vessel to contain the joy of Heaven/Haven which will flow out from your heart and into the cosmic ether this year, this 11th year—eleven is twin pillars, two ones. one/won was the name I gave myself as a scared little girl.  this is my year.  My name is won, because I did win.