abortion rights or no? I say its all a bullshit lie!

designed to keep poor women sick and barefoot and pregnant.  no one should be having any kids right now for christsake women get your fucking tubes ties right now before they take that out of your insurance.  MEN GET VASECTOMIES IMMEDIATELY OR SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTHS TOTALLY!  

  the water is not safe to drink now!  life cannot go on as usual, the pattern must be interrupted immediately.  Things must be reversed this year, and I am going to make sure they are reversed my own self.  I am going to eat only what I grow this year, that is my goal to be reached by this time next year.  I will become self sufficient this year and lose sixteen pounds doing so.  I will also help to save hawaii from the permaculture freaks who are destroying it by bringing in non native species which kill the taro and native species.  I am going to help to save hawaii as it was meant to be by the hawaiian people, who’s Queen Liliolakalani is my Heroine.  I believe I am Her reincarnation perhaps (if there is reincarnation–no one really knows, but I know I was the Queen of a Place that worshipped a Goddess—I also know that those cultures who worshipped a Goddess were very much into agriculture and growing food with respect for the Mother Earth herself, and that means the earth was sacred to them, as it is to me, and should be to everyone who has a brain that works.