the worst audiences in the world, so hateful, so disrespectful:

The guy can’t win in front of these yokels!  They paid just to heckle you Charlie–you can turn that around in a heart beat and here’s how–hire some comics to get on stage and tell some great jokes in every town you go to–audition them like on AI!  you’re making millions, there are tons of great comics out there!  It is not easy to bill yourself as a comic and think it’s easy, but the best of us are booed off stage now and again!  Keep refining your material, and get some naked chicks up there too–be howard stern—naked chicks and comics!!!  don’t despair nor get back on crack!!
  I thought it was hilarious that he asked the audience to ask him questions about how great crack is!  Now that is funny!!  I want to hear what he says about addiction and crack and Chuck Lorre, and doing a sitcom.  I’m sure this act would kill in LA!