this shabbat i gave up.  I felt the cold reality of the death of millions of the earth’s people young and old every race religion every nation.  it was so sad and so heavy.  I really felt it though…the despair the disconnect from everything.  I did not meditate at all. As I watched the very last of the light move away from the window, something inside me took over and said quietly, “I will not give up my hope yet, not this shabbat.  I will go the extra mile without belief, but I cannot give up my need to feel hope.”  My darker side said, “Why is that?” and the Lighter side answered, “Duhhh…because I am human!  That is my flaw…to be cursed with the need for hope, which defeats me always.  Kind of funny really.”  “I will go along with you again, since I’m human too” said the dark side.  (they are on the same team actually–read my book roseannearchy for more of this story.)

  After the new story is told, there will be integration and synthesis.  This is the Age of the New God:  The Goddess of Divine Mother Love.