a spiritual person respects the boundaries of others

which is hard to do if you have no strong sense of female self.  Woman is taught not to know where she begins or ends.  She serves and doesn’t command, which is the foundation of “Babylon”—(the perverse reverse, as julia named it).  In the real world, the one that I live in, the woman is at the top of the evolutionary heap, because she can decode the ideas of men easily, as well as invite their enlightened (limited) involvement.  They must be limited in their involvement because they do not have the ultimate key:  they are not problem solvers.  However, in the sad state of reversal in which we find ourselves, no living woman can heed another living woman’s words, if those words do not agree with the words that women have been taught to decipher and regurgitate.  Women are not deep thinkers and rarely can break program.  this is the solution to that:  twelve men who can serve a new order of Government…and who have the means to change the flow of capital, from disaster capitalism to a new green capitalism.  I know these men exist.  I know that many men of means who are also kabballists read this blog too.  this is the time. Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their planet.