this is not a public website where opinions

other than my own are welcomed.  This place is about my opinion and no one else’s.  

   I am here for something above and beyond almost anything that women could ever conceive of, in their enslaved state of mind.  Most women have not developed the intellectual muscle needed to survive patriarchally imposed self hatred, the greatest tool of The Angel of Death.  Why have I written this for so many years in so many forms?  Because I know that I must resist Satan, (Bi-Polar Disorder).  Satan is mental illness.  How can I resist Satan?  I stand on this truth, and never waver from it:
THERE IS ONLY ONE EVERYTHING.  there is no right religion or party or people.  there are only solutions.  there are no arguments, just fact.  all bullshit runs out as soon as possible.  bullshit is leaving the american people now and they see that no amount of wars will help their economy this time.  
    this is a new world, where there is no duality needed, and I marvel at the way it is being shucked and evolved out of our collective consciousness.  Do not post here for a while, please–just read, and really attempt to take in what I am telling you (if you can–its hard when your mind is closed and divided, and striving to ‘win’).