cathy's prayers:

Prayer for those who are repairing Japans nuclear reactors.
Let there be light; In the name of the presence of God, which I Am, through the magnetic power of the sacred fire vested in me.  I COMMAND:
I call to the Creator and all Divine Beings of light and I ask that special grace be given the people that are doing the repair work on the nuclear reactors. I ask that any negative karma they have lingering around them be transmuted by the violet flame. I ask that the grace they are earning by doing this dangerous job be enough to earn them good health now and in the future. See this good karma coming back to them NOW.  We command the angels to give them extra shielding from any radiation that can harm them. We ask that all these beings be given all the energy they need to complete their jobs safely and very efficiently.
We ask that all the nuclear elementals now work with these people and help them do their jobs quickly and safely. See angels, humans and elementals working together in Divine harmony to get the nuclear reactors working in Divine harmony until we can shut them down safely. As we send violet flame and love to the radioactive material, we ask the radioactive material to become non-lethal to these men while they are doing the repair work. And afterwards.
We imagine them being completely surrounded in the energy of Angelite which gently releases all their aches and discomforts. Any place in their bodies that may be exposed to radiation we ask that a very high healing energy come down from the creator to touch every cell atom, molecule in their bodies going all the way down to their DNA, correcting anything that is becoming out of balance and healing it. From now and for the rest of their lives.
These people are all angels doing Gods work giving the world a miracle we were all praying for. May they be given everything they and their families need to live their lives in much comfort for taking on this mission. See all countries honoring these men for their bravery and acts of selfless courage.
We send the violet flame thru any air borne radiation coming from Japan asking it transmute all energy that is harmful to light. We reconnect every atom, particle back to the creator filling it up with so much love it changes to something now beneficial to life. See the winds calming down and the radiation going in a direction that will harm no life form
As people awaken to the dangers of nuclear they refuse to allow any more nuclear plants of any kind be built, all other working plants be safely deactivated and closed down. See any politician who still wants nuclear being removed from all positions of authority and replaced with a person who wants green energy through solar, wind, or water.
We ask the creator to fill all the repair people up with so much Divine loving energy that they are put in a place of bliss. Functioning at a high super awareness completing their jobs safely.
But never the less oh Divine ones Not my will but thy will be done.
So be it. Amen&n

Prayer to cut dark magicians from their full moon/equinox energy work.                           by Cathy Bilsky

Let there be light!

In the name of the presence of God, which I AM, through the magnetic power of the sacred fire vested in me. I COMMAND:

I call to the Divine and ask that all ties to any group, human or non human, including any ET’s, Reptilians, hybrids, demons or any satanic magician that is connected to the 3rd/4th Reich/Black order / Nazi’s are cut from each other or any group that is just practicing working with evil.. I want all satanic magicians trying to keep this group in power be cut from all the elementals and human’s that they are misusing.
Cleanse these elementals and humans up with the violet flame, send them the Angelite energy to heal, now fill them up with Divine Love. As they reconnect with love we command them to be neutral, only emitting love and for the humans to become Divinely conscious.

See all ties, binds, blood oaths and bee/swarm mentality being cut between these individuals, groups and anyone trying to create a New World Order, including ET’s, Reptilians, Nordic-reptilian hybrids, Satan, Lucifer and all their seed, the Nefillim, Grey’s, Illuminati, and their seed, any satanic magician and their secret societies they have created to keep them in power. As ties are cut see their energy coming off of each other and any of the projects and programs binding them.
Let all the energies from any and all ceremonies being done from now thru the full moon and equinox be automatically neutralized gaining no strength or power. Let any energy being put out to create any kind of “natural “disasters through the use of any Tesla info be neutralized though the violet flame, healed with Angelite, filled up with God’s love and now we Command the energy to be neutral and completely harmless.
We ask the Divine to send the correct amount of Divine energy, color, light and sound into the Reptilian/demon brain reconnecting their brain to Divine intelligence. See the Divine sending love into their hearts, brains, water molecules, cells, atoms and integrating with their DNA. Let them fill up with so much light that they have a spiritual reawakening. Quantum leaping them into the Golden age.
We cut the ties to any black/satanic magician that is using any ritual or symbol to rent the veils to other dimensions, open any star gates, time portals including the Montauk program and HAARP.. We call the violet flame through these portals to clean them up. Fill the portals up with Divine energy, close and seal them forever ….NOW.
Any machines or nuclear devices used to rent veils between dimensions are rendered harmless.
See any dark energy/ spirit that are wandering around the planet in or out of body to be cut from the earth plain and anything they have bonded too. We tie and bind them putting them through the violet flame to clean them up and send them back to the Divine filling those empty spaces up with an Angel of Peace.
Cut the ties to anyone who helped hide the Nazis or was responsible for hiding their Nazi loot during and after WW 2 including: anyone from the I. G. Farbin, Bormann group, Jesuits, the Bush family, Central bank and associates, wall street, Industrialists, chemical and drug manufacturers, weapons manufacturers, Militaries, universities, research scientists, police, CIA, FBI, spies, all governments, and secret societies. We call the Goddess of truth into your lives…Let nothing remain hidden from humanity. Remove all veils of invisibility that were put in place to protect them.
As humanity is becoming conscious and aware see them being given their Divine Missions and Divine purposes. As they reconnect quantum leaping all life, no matter what dimension on, into the Golden Age.
Imagine all spiritually stuck beings having all the blocks removed so they can have a Divine Spiritual awakening. Let them reconnect to their feelings and emotions allowing them to have a Divine conscious again. Including anyone who was genetically altered through breeding or DNA tampering..
I ask Michael the Archangel to cut all ties to the wealth all these dark people have accumulated and redirected that abundance energy to all light workers in need.
 Let everything good on this planet gain strength and forward movement NOW!  Love all, serve all.
Never the less not our will but thy will be done.
So be it!      Amen   Aummmm

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