volcanoes follow tsunamis follow earthquakes

meditation from cathy bilsky:
Don’t stop doing the light work & prayers..Keep focusing on the light. Keep sending the violet flame thru the nuclear reactors & the radiation. Send Arctic cold air energy to surround the nuclear plants, the rods & cooling system.
Keep sending those nuclear reactors lots of love. I call to Sai Baba, Prem Baba, Ammachi ,Karunami, all high energy beings to help us calm the nuclear plants down now. Give the planet some grace & a miracle. NOW See the planet receiving this grace and lots of miracles NOW
I send Divine peace, calm, cold healing energies around the nuclear planets 100,000,000 fold.
See miracles happening..See the Heavens and all Divine beings working on this challenge we have helping us in all ways.
We call to the creator, and all masters,guides, god and Goddesses, extraterrestrials, Jesus, Mother Mary, Buddha, Mohammad, Who ever you pray to, to help us manifest lots of miracles NOW stopping the nuclear reactors from exploding NOW.
Miracles are happening, see miracles happening, get excited over all the miracles happening.
Miracles in your life, your familys life, for the planet..
Miracles are real.. see them all around you. MIRACLES , MIRACLES, MIRACLES ,MIRACLES..NOW NOW NOW.