nuclear fallout across the USA within three days!

read about japan–dated mar. 11 2011 on this page.  NOTE THAT IT IS 3-11-11…note that every month on the eleventh day this entire year—something horrific is planned.  Darpa will begin this year with “UFO SIGHTINGS” (complete bullshit in reality–but the images will be projected on invisible screens—they took a cue from Orson Welles, and are mass producing it to scare people into Fema camps).  
  How can we fight back?  People ask this now, but it’s too late!  We cannot fight back, and must stop thinking that old way.  We have to use our energy and focus to create something new, and to take a big step back.  Create new communities based on barter, and stop using money.  Stop going to doctors, stop buying food, stop buying anything, and reduce your dependence on everything but small communities of like minded people who know how to grow food.
Beans, greens, potatoes.  that is all you need.  stop needing things.  Meditate, create, commune, resist the matrix of supernatural thinking most of all!