serving notice to hawaiian neighbors,

and hawaiian authorites about the show I am planning to do here:  it’s going to be about what a great place the Hawaiian islands are, and how tourism should continue here, as jobs are tied to it. I will be featuring the many uplifting stories of many different types of people who live here in the pacific, and their histories, as well as the history of labor here, of plantations and the takeover of the island.  I want to include many sides of the coin as it pertains to Hawaii, including the movement to Hawaiian Sovereignty here…and the fantastic hippie town of hawi, tom’s cheesecake, the queen’s gardens in hilo—Pele’s islands are truly phenomenal environments, and most people cannot afford to visit here, but they should be allowed to see the beauty of it.  I believe that Aloha is what can save the whole world right now. Paradoxically, the islands are also militarily strategic for the US.  This is truly the center of east meets west, and many other dichotomies.  Many have come here to farm green, and to manifest a new idea for the world.  There are visionaries here that I want to feature, as well as artists, and special grandmothers who have worked out solutions that are good for people, during troubled times, and through plagues of drugs and poverty.  

   I want to uplift people by sharing the knowledge of harvesting one’s own garden, and showing people how they can grow their own food, as I am doing.  I am learning to live a green life and want people to try it for themselves, as it is a good idea.  I am living a simple life, and that is what I feel so many people will be interested in doing for themselves, and hopefully they will watch.  I am committed to growing mac nuts and I love the mac nut tree…the mac nut is the QUEEN OF NUTS…something that can feed a hungry world for pennies.  I am on a sacred mission of love for all humanity, as that is my chosen journey at this time.  Sorry for any misunderstandings, but I just mostly want to be left alone to garden, and to teach gardening secrets that will help people grow their own salads!  I have made an acre garden, and will soon include pics.  I am going to begin a new orchard where I will plant lychee, rambuton, and more of Pele’s favorite coverings.  I have planted cacao, spearmint, rosemary, saffron and cinamon trees–which are miraculous!  I have an allspice tree now too.  I uncovered a large hawaiian wall that was hidden under weeds…it is quite magical a place to sit in.  I have cut down all weeds, which took me four whole years!  I make my own honey and study the queen bee.  I want to be the queen bee of Hawaii!