Obviously I am trying to be ironic about chuck and charlie

and the state of the tv sitcom.  I do not want to offend or hurt anyone.  I hope charlie and chuck make up and continue raking in the dough and making tea partiers guffaw with laughter.  I am an idiot and sorry.  Chuck is a writer extraordinaire who creates a wonderful work environment for his actors, whether they are sober or drunk.  Brett Butler was fired when she had only a few shows to go to syndication–some 90 episodes.  They could have helped her to get her payoff, after all, they made millions off of her, and knew she was in trouble too. 

   The bottom line is, when you sober up a jerkoff you get a sober jerkoff.  These aa people (sober like Chuck) can sometimes get really self righteous and abusive after they “get the program”.  they expect to get medals when they stop fucking up people’s lives for 30 whole days!