many have asked me to comment on mania:

(as some say charlie sheen may be manifesting).  Yes, I do have it too, on occassion.  Instead of drugging it, I meditate.  In my highest highs, I blog and garden.  I have found a way to never get the depression side of bi-polar disorder–I simply switch to another mental state that I learned to do as a result of integrating from multiple personality disorder.  I have found some balance, as mental illness is no laughing matter sometimes.  (but mostly it is fun, if I stay home and read, blog garden, write.  wbgw).–i try to manage the madness of everything and stay out of people’s way for the most part.  I am afraid of people and have known far too many of them in my time.  Mostly they are not all that nice after a few hours.  I try to socialize three or four times a year, and attend good parties occassionally, but have yet to meet cher, whom I want to marry.

   sorry to be missing kirstie’s store opening tonight!  Have fun colleen camp, kirstie and david o. russell!!  wish i were there to be drinking and layin’ down the rhymes with y’all ninjas. i heard that corey feldman’s kid is named Zen Feldman, and he is six and cute.  Zen Feldman is the singularly best jewish name of all time!!  I love it.  If i have another kid, I will name it
son of or daughter of pele.
  lisa marie presley told me that perez hilton is being so nice to me now!  well, maybe he will come down and farm with me on my new show then!  I would love to see him hoe the beets and make goat cheese and then create a lovely salad.  beet and chevre salad is the best–with a hint of basil and olive oil.