totally irrelevant psychic-magical thinking:


Some of you still believe in magic. Most of you have no respect whatsoever for anything that is real, and prefer CHILDISH EGOCENTRIC positive thinking (WHICH IS ACTUALLY ‘BLAME THE VICTIM’- BULLSHIT FROM SATAN) and blabbing on about how we attract the stuff that happens to us by our own thoughts.
 — If we are not angry, nobody will get angry at us.
— If we are ‘nice’, people will be’ nice’ back to us. (If we are nice, we won’t get sick and require a health care bill!).
 Both of these things  are not only vicious lies of the first water, but, are also MK ULTRA mind control programs designed to keep the sheep from rising up to affect real change in the world.
 It is quite possible for any who are rich enough to afford a computer to sit on all day to get out in the streets and help support their fellow americans who are trying to take this country back from pigs pedophiles repiglicans and psychopaths, instead of just exchanging programmed regurgitated bullshit that cuts you off from real spirituality—real spirituality is about meditation and changing the programming in your brains.  clearing it out, emptying out, beholding what is, and not chasing after what can never be certain.  shift from bullshit to action, america, real fucking quick, OK??