in the ninth season of roseanne

the characters said a prayer. Of all the things I ever did, and all of the doors I broke down in TV, this was the most important of all.  Silent prayer on a sitcom.  

    I thought we would win a Humanitas Prize (catholics give them out) but we lost to a more secular humanist subject matter that Catholics liked better.  During the ninth season of Roseanne, as i narrate on the dvd, I was having a blast exposing every rotten and hypocritical thing in this culture.  It was a comic’s dream. The total censure of my work and my writing was also a big thrill that proved a lot to me about American Media, and its waging of cultural war on US women and kids.  Limbaugh named it:  the war on american taxpaying mothers is the same as the war against the “Feminazis”–unruly and uppity women who want the same rights as fat ass hog rich men need to be punished!