obama is the right president for these times:


It would not have looked right to have a white woman, or a white man presiding over the savaging of the working people of color in this country, and of women’s rights, and of children’s rights, and might have alterted the masses that the war on the poor black and disadvantaged was about to get worse than ever.  It was better that the working classes were fooled into thinking that ‘progressive change’ was possible withiin a rogue capitalist Ponzi-scheme.
   Obama as the President was a good thing (for the oligarchs and billionaires who own this country) because that way, black people would be hesitant to call out the first President of Color, and they might have done something about it, or showed up to protest, or gone on strike, or even rioted, as they have done in the past when all good things within their communities were shut down, and stolen.
  These time instead called for silence from the victims, as they naively and ignorantly supported Bush 3,(obama) and the further dismantling of the safety net that made this a democratic and prosperous country–something that the rich hate. 
Nice job, Rove!